Welcome to LozoCN.com – This is the site for Lozo (AKA Dotcomboy17 & DCB) – This is the space on the web for Lozo, everything you need to know about Lozo can be found here, this siteis a working progress and is also used for testing and development.

Featured Home Page Content:

Featured Home Page Content is something Lozo has picked to show on the home page of his website, for all the world to see, this could be a Ustream feed, his Live Broadcasts, or just a YouTube video! It changes every now and again, want to see your content here? please use the contact form and submit your entry of what you would like to see.

Lozo is best known for running BBLIVEUK from 2007 – 2012, he now owns and runs RCD Radio, which is a follow on project from BBLIVEUK, BBLIVEUK was shut down on November 1st 2012 as he did not wish to continue with the project and wanted to move on to bigger and brighter things on the internet.

Lozo enjoys his music, talking with people around the world and loves twitter! He is also known as a coder on IRC using MSL (mIRC) Scripting, he is involved in a number of projects for scripts on the scripting program, he is the creator of Feeds Version 2.0 which is the main control for changing feeds on the RCD Radio website and the same technology is working on this very website.

More about feeds is yet to be published Online.

This is a working progress website! I hope to have allot more content up soon! please feel free to have a wonder around and please follow me on twitter for updates: http://twitter.com/LozoCN