Who is LozoCN?
Best Known on the Internet as Dotcomboy17, First starting on BBLIVEUK and hitting missive hits every year even before the site was created, he is also known on IRC Chat rooms such as iPocalypse and is known as a Twitter Hore on Twitter and is also known on Facebook and on Youtube but is mainly known on Ustream.tv

Real Name?
That’s a secret but you can call me Lozo | AKA’s LozoCN, Dotcomboy17, Dotcomboy, DCB & DCB17


Date of Birth?
19th September 1991 – 19/09/1991

Do you Like Cheese?

Whats your Favourite Cheese?
Cheddar Cheese, mmmm

Whats your Favourite Food?

Whats your Favourite Crisps?
Only one… Ready Salted

Whats your Favourite Drink?
I have a few, Coffee, Tea, Cola, Ribena & JD and Coke

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See my Twitter Pictures on Twitpic with my @LozoCN Twitter Name

Like my page on Facebook: http://fb.dcb17.me

Subscribe to me MrDCB17YT on Youtube where we have some great videos including some awesome music videos Including Bump in the Night and the classic Don’t Stop Believin DCB and Luemas Version with Special Guest Luemas155

Do you Live Stream?
I live stream but sadly not currently 24/7 You can find my Live stream by going to the Live Page on this site or just Click Here to go to the Ustream Page and be sure to follow me on Ustream with the name DCBTV

I can also be found on the RCD Radio Ustream Page, follow that to by going to http://ustream.rcdradio.com

Whats your Favourite TV Show?
I am a huge Doctor Who Fan! I also like watching The Simpson’s, Britain’s Got Talent, Waterloo Road (Yeh, I know), Watchdog, Family Guy and many more but I can’t think of them right now.

Whats your Favourite Film?
BACK TO THE FUTURE! is my all time favourite film, I also like the Harry Potter Series and all of the pixar films out there.

Am I missing a question you want me to answer? Let me know on twitter: http://twitter.com/LozoCN