Donate a Pizza

Fancy donating me a pizza? Have I done something to deserve one? or do you just fancy giving me one? I don’t expect cash donations on my personal website, I only expect Pizza Donations!

Why do you let people donate you pizzas?
BECAUSE I LOVE PIZZAS!!! No, Seriously! I DO! – I don’t really expect donations and people are always wanting to give me something, when I have helped them with something or plainly because they just want to give me something nice, for a birthday or Christmas present, this is the way to go if you would like to give me something.

Plus, you can’t have enough pizzas!

How Does it work?
Well, its very very simple, at the bottom of this page are the donate buttons, you donate your cash to me, I then order the pizza using the donated cash.

You don’t personally order it for me, I do all that once the donation has been processed and received by me, I decide when I order the pizza using the donation you gave me, but I will let you know by email when I am planning on ordering the pizza you donated to me.

What do I get out of it?
Well, I do not expect people to just donate me a pizza without giving something small in return, when you have donated me a pizza you get the option of appearing on my donation list (At the bottom of this page) and free advertisement to your Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube if you choose. –  Their links remain on this page once you donate, there is no fee to keep your links on this page.

This part of the deal is optional, donors have the right to remain anonymous if they choose to and that is completely fine.

Links will only be placed on this page once they have been approved, links may also be taken off at any time if we feel they are not appropriate to keep on the page any more, any links given after a donation has been given may be turned down with no reason given.

How long will it take for you to order my pizza I donated?
Lozo will decide himself when he orders your donated pizza, he will also give an approximation time in an email or on social media to you, so you know when about’s your donated pizza shall be ordered, it can be any time up to a week or a month or longer, it really depends what Lozo feels like doing, but don’t stress, your pizza will be ordered as soon as possible! – No links will be placed on this page until the pizza has been ordered.

Lozo is more than likely to order your donated pizza on a weekend or a Friday night, but it all depends on what he is up to in the week.

What happens when you order my donated pizza?
Lozo will tell you in an email or on twitter that your donated pizza has been ordered, once it arrives, Lozo will also take a photo for you with the donated pizza for your enjoyment.

What Pizza will you order?
Lozo only likes cheese and tomato (Margarita) pizza and so, will only be ordering with the donations, cheese and tomato pizzas, nothing else, because he likes, nothing else!

So… How much is it?
There are 3 options to choose from, it all depends on how much you want to donate:

  1. Local Take Away Pizza – £6.00
  2. Pizza Hut – £10.00
  3. Pizza Hut (Side) Garlic Bread – £3.00

Note about Pizza Hut (Side) Garlic Bread: You may order me the Garlic Bread as a side as part of the pizza, even though you can just order me garlic bread, I will not order just the Garlic Bread until I have ordered pizza with it as well, just ordering me Garlic Bread will not make you eligible for full advertisement at the bottom of this page.

Once you have donated the required amount, Lozo will be in touch with you and will inform you when your donation will be used.

I need more help! or something is not working!
Feel free to use our contact form below, it will send a direct email to Lozo and he will be able to contact you with an answer to your question, please make sure you provide your real email address so he can reply back to you.

Donate Here:

  1. x1 Local Take Away Pizza – £6.00 – Click Here to Donate
  2. x1 Pizza Hut – £10.00 – Click Here to Donate
  3. x1 Pizza Hut (Side) Garlic Bread – £3.00 – Click Here to Donate


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