RCD Radio

RCD Radio is a online radio station ran, founded and managed by Lozo, Lozo founded the website on 18th July 2012.

Visit RCD Radio’s Site: http://rcdradio.com

RCD Radio specialises in music genres Rock/Pop/Dance but we do also play other music such as Country/R&B/Metal/Jazz.

Lozo does a number of broadcasts at RCD Radio, one of the biggest broadcasts he does is the NOW! Series, this broadcast is a basic run down of all the now albums, from the first album in 1983 to the current date albums, with bits of information about that year in between, such as film releases, TV releases, deaths, births, artists and song information.

DJ Lozo’s Mixes is also part of RCD Radio and is presented by Lozo, to find out more about DJ Lozo’s mixes, go to http://lozocn.com/mixes

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/rcdradio
Facebook: http://facebook.com/rcdradio
Youtube: http://youtube.com/rcdradio
Blog: http://blog.rcdradio.com
Rewind (On Demand): http://rewind.rcdradio.com
Site: http://rcdradio.com